South Lanarkshire Museums Forum was formed out of the old Clydesdale District Councils Museums Forum. It was set up to bring together accredited and non-accredited museums as well as family history groups and local heritage organisation all with a common goal of promoting local heritage.

The objectives of the group being as follows:

1.To promote, support, develop and represent the interests of the “Forums” members.

2.To provide opportunities for Forum members to discuss matters relating to the management of museums in South Lanarkshire and to provide regular information exchange.

3.To provide a mechanism for effective liaison between local authority run museums, independent museums and local family history and heritage organisations in its area.

4.To encourage the development of complementary collecting policies.

5.To promote the sharing of support services and facilities and additionally to look at ways of collectively making improvements in these services and facilities.

6.To organise seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops at which expert advice can be made available and opportunities given on matters of mutual interest.

7.To provide training for Forum members to improve their standards and services.

8.To draw up and maintain a working document on museum resources in South Lanarkshire

9.To encourage joint publicity and mutual promotion of facilities and exhibitions and to co-operate in jointly organised or touring exhibitions.

10.To develop partnerships amongst Forum members.

11.To promote tourism within South Lanarkshire

12.To promote visits to other Forum members establishments and other museums, and local family history and historical organisations located throughout South Lanarkshire